Our premium organic cotton products are created with a safer future in mind. We create the very best products from sustainably sourced organic materials that support the planet and her people to thrive.

best sellers
best sellers

Handmade in Germany

We stand by our work with pride. Our team is highly skilled from the designers who follow trends and create out styles to the production and marketing team who make sure that the demands of our consumer are heard. Every item is handmade, stitched together with strong threads of responsible action, quality, and care.
Moreover, we are particularly proud to operate our own factory in Germany, giving us the opportunity to put close attention to quality compliance and to perform flexibly when needed. However, all our pride is directed towards the impact our factory entails. Our own factory also enables us to reduce logistical efforts to save the environment, to pay fair wages, to offer balanced working conditions and to recreate socio-economic value in our city.

100% Organic

We use 100% organic cotton in our ethical factory which employs local German women, weaving our values and our passion into every piece we make. Stitch by stitch each item we make is sustainable from the inside out - made to last for a better future. Each item is hand-made to last with a life cycle of goodness. We are harnessing the power of our company to make a difference and in doing so, making it easy for our customers to play their part too. Because like you, we want to do everything we can to make sure our children wake up to a better world. Our products are created with passion, skill and sustainability. We see each premium item we make as a vote cast for a better world.There is urgency to our work. We know that the time for change has to be now. We believe that every individual action towards sustainability can make a difference. We believe that care for the world, unity and the courage to question the status quo will create sustainable change. This is our core ethos. It underpins every decision we make and item we create.

Social Engagement

We are experienced, passionate and skilled women, recognised experts in our field and hard working mothers. We have chosen to dedicate our lives to giving back to those less fortunate and making change happen. We work local and think global. We stand up for other women who need our support. We will proudly show you every part of our process, sharing stories of our materials, makers and evidence of our impact - from fibre to finished product. We do this by producing beautiful textile products that bring delight to our customers, help preserve the planet for our children and empower women in disadvantaged communities to prosper and thrive. Through our partnership with BIGI, we actively contribute to the well-being of communities in Africa by planting one tree for every product sold. This simple act creates incredible change. By planting one tree, communities can improve their lives by generating the necessary income to become independent and create a better outcome for future generations.

Stefanie from Aschaffenburg, Germany

The sleeping bag still looks brand new and my daughter is absolutely thrilled. At the moment she doesn't want to wear any other.

Alex from Duesseldorf, Germany

What I like best is that there is no risk of injury to the zipper on the neck due to the fabric. It is also great that there are anti-slip soles. The whole sleeping bag is greatly processed. 

Ute from Hattorf, Germany

I like the packaging best – completely packed and without plastic. In addition, the processing looks very high quality, the embroidery is very beautiful as well as the detachable sleeves.