About Us

We are a company made of women who use their hands, hearts and heads to produce the finest 100% organic textiles that protect the planet and support her people to thrive. Many of us are mothers determined to make the world a safer place - not just for our own children but for others too. We are stepping up as female leaders for change in our industry, our homes and in our world. We refuse to choose between having the most beautiful, soft cotton and a healthy, strong world and we don't think our customers should have to either! Because trust, truth and accountability are some of our core values, we operate with full and open transparency. We have nothing to hide and everything to proudly share. We welcome you with open arms to explore our work and the actions we are taking to create a safer world for future generations.

At the SlumberCompany the more we grow, the more we give back.


It's simple. Our premium quality textile products are made to make people happy. We want to help our customers take good care of themselves and their loved ones. Equally we care about protecting the earth and helping others, so we only work with...

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At every step of the way, we share how our products are made, with what materials, where and by whom. We provide honest information and practical help to our community. We are accountable to our staff, suppliers and stakeholders. Our...

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We actively invest in people and communities, partnering with changemakers like B1G1 whose work makes an enormous impact around the globe. From the customer who chooses our product, to the women in Africa and Germany we support...

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Every day we commit to making choices that make a difference. We take responsibility for our people and the planet, offering an alternative that makes a difference. It takes guts to do things differently and challenge the status quo,...

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Our History

Mother, entrepreneur, leader and inspirer: the story of our founder Karina Grassy transports the key values into the core of our company and encourages us as well as our stakeholders to continuously strive for alternative ways of doing sustainable business for the greater good. Before starting off her entrepreneurship, Karina had faced the challenges of juggling full-time work in London and a gruelling commute while raising her nine-month-old daughter - all as a single parent, with her family far away in Germany. Desperate to find a better way to live, for her and for her infant daughter, Karina took the bold step and began her own business from the kitchen table. This journey would eventually bring her home, leaving the UK to return to East Germany, using everything she had learned throughout her career and as a successful business owner to re-invest in the local community. Karina’s story is a story of courage, bravery and female empowerment encouraging and inspiring all daughters of this world.

Our social impact and use of materials

Our products are created with careful attention to detail, using a sustainable system of production with zero exploitation or pollution. At SlumberCompany we're not afraid to use our voice and to have the courage to tell the truth about our industry. We don't chase profit at the expense of people or planet, rather we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do and grow long-term relationships with the best suppliers in the business that we can find. Find out more about the journey of our textiles and how a Mango Tree can lead to an enormous change.

Tree planting with B1G1

We partner with changemakers. Through our work with B1G1, we enable women in Africa to have economic freedom and ensure the well-being of their families.

Our suppliers

By choosing ecologically and socially responsible resources, our supply chain creates impacts from the cotton to the weaving mills.