Our Impacts

Here in East Germany, we have access to the highest quality local expertise, standards and craftsmanship and we are dedicated to supporting small, local businesses to grow with us, breathing life back into this once thriving textile region. This and many other factors are the reason for SlumberOrganix to undertake an important step in growing the business: We consciously decided to operate our own factory to ensure the wellbeing of our employees who create our products. But also to empower local recreation and of course quality compliance.

Because the more we grow, the more we are able to give back.

Impact durch unsere Textilmanufaktur

Our factory’s impact

Our social responsibility as well as our vision for an innovative textile industry drove our founder’s decision to undertake a major step in setting an example in the textile business. This aim, to strive for a local, ethical as well as sustainable textile production is the foundation of operating our own textile factory.

The decisionto run our own factory is of great socio-economic and environmental impact. Due to the employment opportunities created, many local women received the chance to regain their occupation, to escape from unemployment and to take better care of their families and future. We are able to ensure fair and ethical labour conditions of our employees while complying with our high-quality standards.

Furthermore, this local factory enables us to work with local suppliers also. We are able to foster traditional family businesses and strengthen the employment of their staff. Also, this geographic proximity equips us with flexibility, less transportation and the nurture of our valuable business relations. We are able to optimise and change our processes quickly to ensure the best quality compliance.

Finally, we can sew every item with love and attention to detail. Every product is handmade, stitched together with strong threads of responsible action, quality and care. From the organic cotton and dye we use to the zippers, poppers and threads we add, every single element of a SlumberOrganix piece is sustainable and ethical and worth the extra mile.

Our supply chain impact

The location of our supply chain forms an essential part of the value chain of our products. Because this is exactly where we take a sustainable approach that drives change in the conventional textile industry and shows alternative approaches.

Besides, our factory also encourages us to create local partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers, public organisations, and small companies. By reinforcing the local infrastructure and offering stable cooperation, we aim to make a sustainable change. Furthermore, we strive to also foster historical craftmanship as most of our suppliers come from small family businesses which have been running for centuries. By committing to local partners, we also keep transportation distances short which saves negative ecological effects. This also allows us to ensure flexibility when needed and a high-quality compliance. Also, our complementing resources such as the chestnut granules offer an eco-friendly alternative to chemical detergents, a local and renewable resource from the Black Forest in Germany.

Our products are made for mums by mums, which strongly drives our company culture also. Central to the SlumberOrganix company culture is finding ways to empower women to take control of their lives and then pay it forward by helping other women do the same.

This is the red thread that runs throughout everything we do.

In the workplace

Our employees are predominantly women and we are committed to promoting and supporting their career path. Flexible working hours, working from home and professional development opportunities mean that our staff are able to smoothly combine child care and their career without ever being at a disadvantage.

Our customers

Most of our customers are women and mothers, with a few great men in there as well! We welcome every customer's feedback and listen to what they have to say, innovating and improving as we grow. And we share our stories, letting each customer know that by purchasing our products, they are securing the jobs of our employees and supporting social projects that benefit women in Africa.

Social projects

With every Organix product that is sold, we support social projects in Africa through our partnership with B1G1.This gives women the ability to take their lives into their own hands and to ensure the well-being of their families, fostering social and female equality.