Our natural materials

Our natural fibre organic and fair trade cotton comes from Cotonea our trusted partner and supplier. Cultivated, cared, and harvested with love and loads of sunshine our organic cotton blossoms arise from a diverse set of botanic diversity and controlled biological cultivation. Ensuring fair wages, healthy work conditions, no pesticides and less water usage, the impact already begins here in Africa. The conscious decision of using organic cotton only plays a major role within our corporate social responsibility but also for locally ecological and social change.

Leaving Africa and happy farmers behind, our organic cotton makes its way to our local processors here in Germany. This is where the raw organic cotton becomes processed when the threads are spun from cotton fibres. This spacial proximity to our partners allows us to comply with our quality standards fully, provides us with more flexibility, short ways of transportation and fosters local and historical businesses. All our suppliers lie within a 550km radius.

In the weaving and knitting mill as well as fleece factory our raw organic cotton becomes transformed into beautiful fabrics. Here we receive a range of processed pure organic cotton:

  • Organic Cotton Fleece (for our fillings)
  • Muslin Organic Cotton
  • Single JerseyOrganic Cotton
  • Double Jersey Organic Cotton (Interlock)
  • PanamaOrganic Cotton

Of course, all our fabrics are fully certified and comply with the OEKO TEX Standard 100. This also means that our materials are free from any chemical pre-treatments, free from micro plastic and fully sustainable.

After our pure organic fabrics have been woven, they will be delivered to our textile printing partner who brings more than two centuries of experience to the table. Founded in 1815 our supplier ensures the highest quality standards and compliance possible.

Before our fabrics arrive in our SlumberOrganix factory in Plauen (Germany) to get manufactured into lovely products, more product components will be involved. From our range of trusted, local, and fair suppliers receive the following product components.

  • Zippers (from Thuringia, Germany)
  • Poppers (from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
  • Velcro fastener (from Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany)
  • Yarns (from Bavaria, Germany)
  • Care Tag & label (from Saxony, Germany)
  • Fabrics for foldable cuffs from organic cotton (from Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany)

Once all our materials arrive in our own factory, they will be assembled into our HomeOrganix and SlumberOrganix products. Of course, every material will be processed handmade by our sewists from Plauen. If you like to get a detailed glance of how our complex production procedure, please click here. Fair compensation and fair working hours ensure a healthy work-life balance as well as socio-economic safety for our employees. Because it is of the highest importance to us to guarantee the most sustainable and healthy handling of our resources.