Our Team, Home & Impact

We are a company made of women who use their hands, hearts, and heads to produce the finest 100% organic textiles that protect the planet and support her people to thrive.

Many of us are mothers determined to make the world a safer place - not just for our own children but for others too. We're all in this together. We refuse to choose between having the most beautiful, soft cotton and a healthy, strong world and we don't think our customers should have to either.

  • We are stepping up as female leaders for change in our industry, our homes and in our world: Here's how:
  • We protect our planet by operating sustainably. Every product in our premium range is 100% organic, certified and handcrafted to the highest standard.
  • We create social equality. Our factory empowers women to have career choices and economic freedom by providing ethical employment in an economically indigent area of East Germany.
  • We partner with changemakers. Through our work with B1G1, we enable women in Africa to have economic freedom and ensure the well-being of their families.

At SlumberOrganix the more we grow, the more we give back.

Because trust, truth and accountability are some of our core values, we operate with full and open transparency. We have nothing to hide and everything to proudly share. We welcome you with open arms to explore our work and the actions we are taking to create a safer world for future generations.

Our Team

We are a tight-knit team who come from all walks of life, passionate about standing up for what’s right and achieving the SlumberOrganix vision.

The women behind our brand bring decades of experience to the table - whether that table stands in the boardroom, design studio, factory or warehouse. Each of us has chosen to dedicate our lives to giving back and being a part of the answer.

We do this by producing beautiful textile products that bring delight to our customers, help preserve the planet for our children and empower women in disadvantaged communities to prosper and thrive.

Our workforce is growing, with over 50 skilled employees who, like all the employees of all our suppliers, are supported to work in a healthy environment with fairness and equality. We go to great lengths to ensure that our supply chain is ethical.

It takes many hands to make one of our items and the majority of those exist beyond our factory walls. We are proud to support local, all of our materials are sourced from ethical German companies, most of whom have been in business for decades. This means that there are literally decades of years of skill and expertise in every item we make.

Because we are passionate about protecting the integrity of our work, we go to great lengths to find suppliers who also share our values. From the threads, zippers and dyes to the certified organic cotton materials we use and the packaging we wrap our products in its very simple.

From the inside out, we guarantee that our team of suppliers are 100% ethical and sustainable, without exception.

Our Home

In 2019 a dream came true for our founder Karina when, with her proud family by her side, she opened the doors to the new SlumberOrganix factory in Plauen, situated in the beautiful Vogtland region of East Germany.

Although once the textile capital of Germany with a rich embroidery and lace craft that was recognised the world over, Plauen had experienced increasing and devastating economic deprivation since WW2. What had been a thriving city full of opportunity and industry growth, had fallen into severe decline, experiencing massive unemployment and deprivation.

And so it was that after many years living abroad working with major global brands and becoming a successful business owner herself with the Slumbersac company, Karina knew what she wanted her next step to be.

To return home with her daughter and build a business that would support the local economy. To be closer to her parents who had always supported her. And to 'pay it forward' offering other women the chance for a better future as she had once been given.

In fact, we are growing! And the more we grow, the more impact we can create.

Our Impact

By choosing ecologically and socially responsible resources, our supply chain generates sustainable and positive impacts from the cotton to the weaving mill. Our Plauen factory has created new jobs which gives women the opportunity to work again in their trained profession and younger people a chance to establish a career in the textile industry. This means we are able to support the local economy while providing our customers with top quality products for which the 'Made in Germany' label is famous for.

It doesn't end there, however. Through our partnership with BIGI, we actively contribute to the well-being of communities in Africa by planting one mango tree for every product sold. This simple act creates incredible change. By planting one tree, women can improve their lives by generating the income they need to become independent and create a better outcome for future generations.

Our company is dedicated to:

  • Making our customers happy with outstanding organic cotton products that bring ultimate joy and comfort.
  • A sustainable system of production with zero chemicals, exploitation or pollution, that preserves natural ecosystems and causes no harm to the environment.
  • Ethical employment that supports female empowerment and encourages growth, building happy homes and thriving local communities.
  • Continuously innovating, leveraging our company power to improve the life of Mother Earth and the people who live there.