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From nursery pads to baby sleeping bags. Our SlumberOrganix baby and children’s range is of the finest quality – made from 100% organic cotton and produced in our own factory in Germany.

Our products are created with careful attention to detail, using a sustainable system of production with zero exploitation or pollution. Our approach aims to make a sustainable change in the textile industry. Here, we stand for fairness, authenticity, and responsibility. We refuse to chase profits and beat down prices on the expense of people or planet. Fast-Fashion, price-competition and excess demand has pushed the textile industry to an extend where our mother earth and her children become more and more harmed.

Therefore, we say it's time for a change now. This is why we are counteracting conventional practices of the textile industry. Our supply chain is designed to ethically and ecological treat every contributor well and to grow in the most sustainable way. We are actively investing and saving our resources today, to make them alive tomorrow.

We use 100% organic cotton in our ethical factory which employs local German women, sewing our values and our passion into every piece we make. Stitch by stitch each item we make is sustainable from the inside out - made to last for a better future.
Our premium products are created with passion, skill and sustainability. We see each item that's sold as a vote cast for a better world. BY purchasing our SlumberOrganix ranges you are actively supporting a fully sustainable supply chain. From the cotton farmer to the seamstress. Every contributor in our supply chain is creating value by their authenticity, responsibility and fairness towards people and planet.

Our decision to go the extra mile and to set an example in the textile industry makes us believe that we can change today for a better tomorrow.