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At SlumberOrganix, we want you to know who we are because the more we grow, the more we give. So, we set out to consistently support our communities to increase sustainable impact in the world by helping you and your beloved ones to take effective actions.

In line with our corporate social responsibility, we aim to support and encourage you in taking small actions that create a big impact. What is real sustainability? Why is female empowerment important? How can I practice sustainability at home? Why to consider future generations? Our blog is addressing conscious people, women and parents who like to make a change today and for future generations. Therefore, we love to aid you with advice and tips about sustainable living and parenting, but also to understand the importance of transparency in the sustainable textile industry and of female empowerment.

  1. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    Lemons are fresh, sour and wonderfully summery. A simple glass of water can be turned into a refreshing drink with a slice of lemon, and with fish or meat, a few splashes are sometimes enough and the dish is perfect. Such a small fruit and such a big effect.
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  2. Local consumption - much more than just sustainability

    Local consumption - much more than just sustainability

    The T-shirt was sewn in Bangladesh, the bike was made in Taiwan, the mobile phone comes from China - our consumption has changed dramatically in the last few decades. The world has become smaller, our apartments and houses are more international than an airport, and each label shows a different country - mostly low-wage countries. When we talk about productions, we are also talking about the economy at the same time.
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