Care instructions for our organic materials

So that you can enjoy your products for as long as possible and at the same time protect the environment, please pay attention to our care instructions.


All of the materials we use come from 100% natural resources and meet strict organic farming requirements. In the production and further processing of our certified organic cotton, treatment with chemicals and pesticides is completely dispensed with in order to preserve the naturalness and sustainability of our raw materials.


By maintaining its natural structure, you should consider a few things when caring for organic cotton.
Since our materials are completely free from toxic and chemical treatments, the fibers of our organic cotton can sustainably retain their natural structure.

The blossom of organic cotton naturally has very short fibers, these can be spun together less well or less firmly than longer natural fibers or even chemically spun filaments that are endless. As a result, the untreated fiber ends slip out of the textile surface and so the organic cotton can form small knots and lint after washing - the so-called "pilling". With natural materials such as our organic cotton, however, pilling will return after a while. If you don't want to wait, just use a lint razor and in no time at all the little lint and nodules will be gone.
Also, due to the abandonment of chemical pre-treatment and preservation of our fully organic cotton the fibres might contain of micro soil and plant residues. Washing the first time can lead to temporary, slightly yellow-brownish stains, which will disappear after washing again.


100% organic cotton shrinks a little when washed because it has not been chemically pretreated. Therefore, please note the following care instructions:

  • Cold wash or a maximum of 40 ° C water temperature for the first wash cycle (this also protects the environment)
  • Use a full or mild detergent
  • Close zips before washing
  • Wash with like colours
  • Bring into shape when moist
  • Gentle drying at low temperature

For all-round carefree washing, we give you an organic washing pad filled with pure horse chestnut with every purchase. Of course, you can also buy our organic horse chestnut washing powder in larger quantities. Here you can find our alternative to chemical detergents.