Our textile factory

For us, handmade in Germany more than a quality tag. For us it means development, authenticity, andresponsibility.

In 2019 a dream came true for our founder Karina when, with her proud family by her side, she opened the doors to the new SlumberOrganix factory in Plauen, situated in the beautiful Vogtland region of East Germany. Although once the textile capital of Germany with a rich embroidery and lace craft that was recognised the world over, Plauen had experienced increasing and devastating economic deprivation since WW2. What had been a thriving city full of opportunity and industry growth, had fallen into severe decline, experiencing massive unemployment and deprivation.

With a clear vision in mind and the potential of her hometown’s history, our founder Karina made the decision to bring this potential back to live. Embracing the expertise of Plauen’s heritage, the SlumberOrganix factory generates safe employment, socio-economic value, and infrastructural redevelopment. This allows local people to stay in their homeland, following their occupation and regaining a new perspective full of hope.

Driven by our values and philosophy of creating the best and most sustainable standards our factory ensures the highest quality compliance, where every stich is made with love. Having our own production gives us the chance to optimise our products and processes immediately. We are able to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and the quality of every single item.We use 100% organic cotton in our ethical factory which employs local German women, sewing our values and our passion into every piece we make. Stitch by stitch each item we make is sustainable from the inside out - made to last for a better future.

Our premium products are created with passion, skill and sustainability. We see each item that's sold as a vote cast for a better world.Every item is handmade, stitched together with strong threads of responsible action, quality and care. Because we refuse to choose between having the most beautiful, soft cotton and a healthy, strong world and we don't think our customers should have to either.

We are proud to say that our entire supply chain based in Germany. From the weaving mill to the popper and zip factory, every contributor in our procedure is dedicated to their historical craftmanship with love, passion, and pride.