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100% organic cotton, 100% handmade! Our HomeOrganix products are the perfect addition for chic and sustainable homes. Every single product comes from fair and ethical sourcing manufactured in Germany. From the bedroom to the kitchen, you can be sure that

Organic is not always organic! But our products are – fully! Our materials come from fully organic and sustainable sources. Our organic cotton is ethically and organically cultivated in Africa where we create value by less water usage, less pesticides and chemicals, more botanic diversity, and more financial compensation for local farmers. Once the plants become harvested, they will be sent to Germany to our local and trusted partner. Free from any chemical or toxic pre-treatment our organic cotton becomes woven into beautiful yarns and textiles. Our authentic partner is doing business for more than a century and a highly appreciated expert in their field.

Our beautifully processed textiles will then arrive in our own textile factory in Germany. Here we are not just complying to the highest quality standards. Our factory is strengthening and restoring the local infrastructure and economy by creating fair and ethical employment. Our seamstresses are based in the surrounding area and now able to gain new perspectives. Our Plauen factory has created new jobs which gives women the opportunity to work again in their trained profession and younger people a chance to establish a career in the textile industry.
Of course, once our beautiful products are finished, they will be packed with love by our employees. Our entire packaging is free from plastic and fully recycled.

However, the most important aspect to us is to make you happy and to give something back to the people and the planet by changing the way how the textile industry works. We see each item that's sold as a vote cast for a better world. The journey of a piece of cloth has many different stages and they all add up. Your purchase is a vote for a better future.