Get inspired by our organic cotton products that make every dining room an eye-catcher. Premium design and the finest organic quality ensure a stylish ambience. Our entire range comes from local and sustainable manufacturing, produced under fair conditions in Germany. Our certified cotton ranges are of course free from microplastics and chemical pre-treatment. With every product sold, we secure jobs in Germany and promote environmental projects in Africa.

A beautiful home is even more beautiful when you can be sure it has been taken care for with love and responsibility. Our HomeOrganix collection combines beautiful design with the highest standards of responsible manufacturing. From cotton cultivating to the sewing machines in our own production, we make sure that our quality is the best. We not only focus on our materials, but also on the people who make them. Our organic farmers in Africa work under healthy conditions and at fair wages, which encourages their self-determination and health. Most of our partners in Germany come from small family businesses, which are supported by our cooperation and can secure jobs for their employees. Whether weaving, textile printing or button manufacturer - every actor in our supply chain plays an important role and makes an immense contribution to maintaining a sustainable and fair supply chain. Our products are made to make people happy. Whether these are our customers, our employees, or our suppliers. We all sit in the same boat, which makes it even more important to look after for one another and act sustainably with one another. These approaches are the pillars of our brands and everything we do. Our Organix products are made with a healthy and safe future in mind, for our own children and for all children in the world. We see every item sold as a voice for a better world.