Our sustainable supply chain standards

At SlumberOrganix we're not afraid to use our voice and to have the courage to tell the truth about our industry. We don't chase profit at the expense of people or planet, rather we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do and grow long-term relationships with the best suppliers in the business that we can find.

The sad truth is that the textile industry has a lot to answer for. Increase in demands from a growing global population and a focus on profit above all else has massively increased the devastating environmental impact of the textile industry.

From fibre production to yarn & fabric preparation, on to to dyeing, finishing and then assembly, a piece of cloth has many different stages to travel through before it ends up in the hands of the consumer. This is why, at SlumberOrganix we stand by our work, and that of our suppliers with pride. We make honest to goodness premium sustainable products in Germany using 100% organic cotton from the inside out.

Our resources and textiles come a long way and passing through many hands, honest hands. The journey of a piece of cloth has many different stages and they all add up. Your purchase is a vote for a better future. This is how we create sustainable and fair impact at every stage of our textiles journey:

Organic Cotton Cultivation


All types of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited in the cultivation of organic cotton. The plants may only be fertilized with compost and manure. As a result, the farmers are not exposed to poisons and the end product is also not contaminated by pesticides. Also, organic cotton requires much less water usage than conventional cotton. In addition, the farmers are not dependent on large pesticide companies, but are finding their way back to small-scale and environmentally friendly structures.

Organic Cotton Proceedings


The significance of organic cotton inevitable. By sourcing organic cotton only, we ensure fair compensations and fair working conditions of the local farmers. Due to the cultivation procedure of organic cotton and the abandonment of pesticide, local farmers are not depending on large pesticide firms or big textile supply chains.

Local Weaving


Once our organic cotton became harvested it will be sent to our trusted partners who are experts in their fields. By choosing a local weaving mill company we are not just supporting small family business, we can also ensure the best quality compliance due to spacial proximity and of course, reduce CO2 emission due to shorter transportation distances. All of our supplies are located within a radius of max. 550km.

Sewing factory

Impact: Life perspective – strengthened infrastructure – socio-economic development

2009 we opened the doors of our SlumberOrganix factory in Plauen. Embracing the expertise of Plauen’s heritage, the SlumberOrganix factory generates safe employment, socio-economic value and infrastructural recreation. This allows local people to stay in their homeland, following their occupation and regaining a new perspective full of hope.


Impact: Work-Life-Balance - Combining Kids & Career - Attractive career opportunities

The wellbeing of every contributor in our textiles journey counts. Our jobs aim to foster self-actualisation, achievement, and life balance. It is of particular importance to us to enable our employees in combining the challenges of family and career. Additionally, we like to see our employees progressing and growing, that’s why we also aim to offer attractive career opportunities.


Impact: Environment protection - No plastic usage – Packed individually with love

Opening a parcel from the postman always feels like Christmas. Of course, we are ensuring that our packaging components are festive also. Therefore, we completely abdicate from any plastic but rather use recycled and natural materials in our packaging also. Additionally, each parcel will be packed personally by our employees with loads of love.

Happy customer

Impact: Finest organic quality - Long-lasting texture - Social support

Finally, our beautiful textiles arrive at your home delivering the finest organic quality and bringing you joy and pleasure. Due to our long-lasting texture our Organix products will make you happy for many moons. Of course, with every single product sold we are supporting a social project in Africa – to bring value back to the origin of our textile.

B1G1 Tree Planting

Impact: Ecological development - Socio-Economic development - Female empowerment

With every product sold we are giving value back to the place where our journey begins. Together with our Partner B1G1 we are supporting social projects with the Mango Trust Orphan Support Trust. Here we are either way planting a forest tree to recreate ecology and society or we plant a mango tree for a family’s social and economic wellbeing.

Female Empowerment in Africa

Impact: Financial independence - Self-determination - Life Perspective

Because of our work with B1G1, we are able to help women in Africa sustain a safe future with economic freedom for the children. The communities we are working with, women are the primary breadwinners. By planting a mango tree a woman can escape being forced to endure dangerous or inuman work and instead, create a sustainable and safe income. From that Mango tree she can plant its seeds, resulting in a sustainable income that will last her and her family for several years.